Township Of Langley Informed Election ForumFacebook Group
Community group for the discussion of Langley Politics.

Better LangleyBrad Richert
Advocating for economically & environmentally sustainable development in the Township of Langley.


Strong Towns
Strong Towns is one of the longest running and most successful groups pushing for better urban planning in the US and Canada, created by (retired) engineer Charles Marohn.

Deltans for People-Oriented PlacesDelPOP
Delta Community advocacy group for more housing and more people-oriented neighbourhoods, DelPOP is also part of the Strong Towns family and served as a big inspiration for our group.

Strong Towns Nanaimo
A very active, vocal and successful Strong Towns group with frequent events, meetups, and engagement with the community to shine a light on the needs of Nanaimo, BC across the water on Vancouver Island.

Abundant Housing Vancouver
Abundant Housing Vancouver is a leader in Metro Vancouver for advocating for more housing. They have led some incredible multi-organization housing initiatives with the province, which Strong Towns Langley is proud to be part of.

Homes for Living YYJ
Victoria community advocacy group for more housing.

Yes in New West!
New Westminster community advocacy group for more housing.