About the Sessions

This fall, Strong Towns Langley is hosting a series of public online video sessions on Microsoft Teams where everyone is welcome!

Learn about Strong Towns, an organization dedicated to promoting sustainable and resilient community development. Learn how its principles and insights can improve how we develop and grow communities.

Each information session will be at 12pm every Friday. Have a moment during your lunch break? Please join us!

Each session is repeated in case you miss one but people are welcome to attend each session twice if they wish.

Session 1 - Suburbia is Expensive - 1 hour
September 29th and October 6th at 12pm
In this session, we'll explore the financial implications of suburban planning through four thought-provoking videos by youtube creator Not Just Bikes.

Session 2 - Streets and Roads - 1 hour
October 13th and October 20th at 12pm
In Session 2, we'll watch two videos that delve into street and road design in North America in comparison with Europe, and introduce the concept of "stroads."

Session 3 - What Makes a Strong Town - 45m + 15min Q&A
October 27th and November 3rd at 12pm
Session 3 is all about the Strong Towns Movement as a whole with three final videos and a 15 minute Q&A.

Meet the Host

James Hansen

Walnut Grove
Strong Towns Langley Local Conversation Leader & Meeting Chair

Hello, I'm James Hansen, your host for this Strong Towns Langley event!

As a passionate advocate for Strong Towns principles, I've dedicated my efforts to understanding and promoting sustainable community development. I believe that fostering resilient, people-centered neighborhoods is key to building a brighter future for our community in Langley.

You might have come across me in various Facebook community groups or seen my tweets on Twitter, where I actively engage in conversations about local advocacy and issues that matter most to our community. I'm committed to open dialogue, collaborative solutions, and empowering individuals to make a positive impact on our town's growth and well-being.

Join me in exploring the transformative potential of Strong Towns!

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