introduction videos
Are you new to Strong Towns or just want to learn more? We took our favourite videos about Strong Towns from YouTube and created this video session series to get you started.
Each session has a combined video runtime of approximately 25 minutes, offering you the flexibility to divide it up and work through them gradually.

Session 1 - The Cost of Suburbia

Not Just Bikes – Introduction to Strong Towns
& How Suburban Development Makes Cities Poorer (9 minutes)

Not Just Bikes – The Growth Ponzi Scheme
& How Bankrupt Cities Stay Alive (16 minutes)

Session 2 - Streets and Roads

PBS / Strong Towns – What is a Stroad? (8 minutes)
Not Just Bikes – Stroads are Ugly, Expensive, and Dangerous (18 minutes)

Session 3 - What Makes a Strong Town?

Strong Towns – This Is What It Takes To Be a Strong Town. Is Yours One? (4 minutes)
Strong Towns – Are Parking Lots Ruining Your City? (15 minutes)
Strong Towns – Our Cities are Broken - Now What? (3 minutes)


recommended videos

Strong TownsMike Pasternock / Charles Marohn
Since the channel was revitalized in 2023, the Strong Towns youtube channel has put out some amazing stories and analysis of successful cities and places, as well as real calls to action.

Not Just BikesJason Slaughter
By a Canadian living in the Netherlands, Not Just Bikes Covers how we can do Cycling, Trains, Transit, and Urban Planning so much better than we typically do in Canada.

About HereUytae Lee
About Here is created by Uytae Lee and covers contemporary planning and policy issues of the day in and around Vancouver, don't miss his episodes on CBC Gem.

Oh The Urbanity!Jasmine Steffler and Patrick Murphy
Oh The Urbanity! follows two cyclists around Canada, with commentary on urbanism, affordable housing, active mobility, and transit.

RM TransitReese Martin
RM Transit covers in detail public transit projects all over Canada and around the world.

City BeautifulDave Amos
By American Planner Dave Amos, City Beautiful covers planning and public transit across different cities.

recommended books

Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity (2019)Charles Marohn
By (retired) engineer Charles Marohn, this book covers everything wrong with suburban city planning, from the fragility of the places it creates to the insanely high cost of oversized car infrastructure. An absolute must read that challenges the status-quo!

Happy City (2014)Charles Montgomery
By Vancouver author Charles Montgomery, this book covers his urban experiences and experiments to figure out what makes for the most positive city life, as well as serving as a compendium of interviews with other people in the field.

Walkable City (2013)Jeff Speck
Why cities need to be walkable, and how to get there. One of the most important books on this subject.

The Sprawl Repair Manual (2010)Galina Tachieva
The definitive guide on how to densify and rejuvenate existing suburban sprawl.

Headwaters Project (2000)Patrick Condon (James Taylor Chair)
The East Clayton neighbourhood was developed as a sustainable community, in partnership between the City of Surrey, the UBC James Taylor Chair, and the Pacific Resources Centre.

The Wealth Of Cities (1999)John Norquist
John Norquist shares his experience as mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, streamlining city bureaucracy and saving parts of the city being harmed by suburban zoning codes.

A Better Place to Live (1997)Philip Langdon
This was one of the first books to really address the issues with suburban planning and advocate for more traditional walkable communities.